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View Transaction History

Track your spending with instant access to pending and posted transactions.

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Choose text¹ or email alerts to monitor your balance and watch your transactions.

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Monitor multiple cards with one login. You can see all your card balances and transactions at once, no need to check balances individually.

MetaWallet Mobile App

MetaWallet Mobile App

Anywhere, anytime access

Card management at your fingertips

  • Easy sign up and sign in—Use your device camera to capture your card information for fast signup, and eliminate sign-in hassles by using fingerprint authentication.

  • Simple, time-saving and comprehensive—See balances, transactions, and deposits the instant they are available.

  • Know your balance immediately—For those unexpected purchases or payments, view your current balance without having to sign in to the app.

  • Stay on top of your money—Get text or email alerts1 for low balance, verified transactions, and when funds are loaded.

The MetaWallet app is a free download1 for Android and iPhone.

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  1. Standard text message rates, fees, charges, and other third-party fees may apply.